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Mas pina-dali mag add credits at mag cash out sa Online Sabong using GCASH only. Mag register na at mag cash out. 

Sa mga hindi mahilig naman sa sabong?  No problem we got that covered for you! may Iba’t ibang laro tayo na available din na pwede mo i]switch game  katulad ng Color game, Toss coin or kilala sa flip coin, gagamba, Mobile legends, battle of youtubers and boxing. Madami diba? ano po hinihintay ninyo REGISTER NA FOR FREE!  

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  1. Paano po pag nawala yung sim mo pero meron kapapong bal sa gcash pitmaster ask lang po

  2. Alexis moraleda


  3. Crissa jeans

    Hello po nagwithdraw Po Ako Ng 500 Hanggang Ngayon Wala pa Po

    1. Anonymous

      nga nga haha

    1. Mcoy asmac


  4. ameregi

    (MP3.wav only)
    ■ Cannot record tracks greater than 3 minutes (otherwise, the length is limited to 3 minutes)
    ■ Maximum software compatible input source is 24khz/48khz
    ■ The maximum recording sound level is any level less than the digital audio level imposed by the audio broadcast.
    Installer (132kb)

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  5. gabrtaim

    ## perl5.7
    IndigoPerl is a pre-built binary Perl distribution for Windows. The installation process is similar to installing Perl with the command line. The package includes useful modules such as DBI, DBD::mysql, Apache::DBI, mod_perl.

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  6. zaboly

    Native support is being worked on for the 3D API, which shall be stable as of the 1.0.0 release for the next version of Adobe AIR. The most recent release of Pixel Bender 3D had preliminary support for 2D Object and Pixel Bender Triangle-Patch textures, with future releases adding support for Blitting and video support.
    Pixel Bender 3D is available as an extension (under the Pixel Bender Extensions naming scheme), which provides access to the scripting interface, a simplification of

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  7. gertru

    ■ Added in new material types. See feature r74248 for more details. (Phillip)
    ■ Added in support for new material types. So now you can have Metal Maps and Diffuse Maps and stuff like that. See feature r72648 for more details. (Phillip)
    ■ Switched a few menu options around, so that the drawing, and rendering menus could be removed. (Phillip)
    ■ Fixed up the

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  8. leelmora

    If you keep all your important info in one place, then applications like Personal File Database might just be able to provide the tool you need to ensure quick and easy access when desired. However, if you’re looking for a little more of an interactive tool, in which you can control everything on a more personalized level, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

    In my opinion, the intentions behind Personal File Database are good, but the application is sadly lacking in

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  9. delcken

    Fantastic software – it really works 🙂

    This is a must-have icon editing program. It probably will not satisfy everyone’s needs, since it is super-simplistic. It provides several ready icons with a corresponding clickable button. You can modify the size, add or remove the button, add your own textures, add or remove the shadows, etc. It is like a Vista/XP-esque menu bar, only cooler: easy to use and lots of options. There are two “layouts”: icon on icon and canvas. 2.5 stars as a calculator, though.

    Where to

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  10. dougdan

    FotoWrap comes with an interface for easy configuration and is extremely easy to use.

    FotoWrap has an unique concept. It emphasizes on usability and user-friendliness. So, a 3rd-party developer doesn’t need any special knowledge in order to create his own skins.

    FotoWrap is completely open source. Therefore, there are no license fees to use the source code. In addition, FotoWrap is completely free for non-

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  11. braatle

    Browse Softonic

    Subscribe to our RSS feed for the best of Hyperpower in your news reader!ATP-dependent and -independent protein kinase activity from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    We have purified a specific protein kinase activity from a nuclear extract of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which has several features distinct from those of the cytosolic protein kinase C. This new protein, which has an Mr of 55 000, exhibits substrate specificity toward

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  12. nadkar

    Furthermore, Machine Cursors comes with two different cursors in the package. They’re optional, but applicable to the themes in use. The normal pointer and cursor is a series of circular animations of various sizes, while the third-party pointer is visually similar to the Mouse Properties panel cursor. The animations are controlled by the FormSwapDraggableParameters.
    * * *
    Check out the free download at
    * *

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  13. gohhol



    April 9, 2015



    Ease of use


    Product Quality

    Customer Support

    Value for money

    Review Source: Capterra

    I have worked with these guys before and really recommend them, they have come in handy on numerous occasions due to the insane volume of assignments I have had to make, plus the official support have been awesome.


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  14. raolwell

    Installing OpenVR2Key makes it extremely easy to start typing the right shortcuts for moving fast with your VR mouse in first-person view. Furthermore, one can try out a lot of commonly used key and mouse combinations without spending a dime to SteamVR’s service.
    All the guides and information related to the process have been included in a simple document but, nevertheless, if you need help, you may contact us through our social media.
    **How to configure OpenVR2Key by

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  15. nappjawa

    With a great number of options, conversions from DOS to Windows to Unix can become even more efficient with the use of this program.

    And of course, if you like freebies on Linux/Windows, the next release of the last show airs on August 2nd!

    This chat show is known to be affiliated with the games industry, as it has interviewed at least a few volunteers and member of the press, including indie devs. Here we have selected a few of them taking part in

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  16. wynyona

    Using the menus you can include/exclude directories, transfer files or complete folders, set a share-name and password for the connection, restrict transfer to certain filetypes or extension.
    Available command-line options give you more control on the remote computer, such as a choice of transferes mode (server-client or client-server) and some command-line specific stuff.
    PC File Transfer uses COM based peer-to-peer networking. If there is an already running network application

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  17. pandavi

    So, keep in mind when you opt for such an out-of-date application.
    FileCopy is a tool made for copying files to directories to automate your daily tasks. It is a lightweight application made with Java that you can use to copy the files from one location to another. We have presented a review of this software to help you understand more about it so that you can select a suitable alternative for yourself.




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  18. radern

    Run Tools 2 – Change your PC Desktop Background – For window users not liking the standard windows default background.
    This program will let you choose a custom background from a list of common backgrounds or free create your own.
    Much like The TomaWeb Boot Wallpaper utility.

    Live Firewall Monitor – For those that like to do a daily or weekly check to make sure their firewall is still working.
    Run this free utility and check your settings for listening on specific IP addresses and 05e1106874 radern

  19. carljaim

    and replaygain volume normalization are supported
    ■ Can force to mono by using LATM stream if necessary
    ■ PNS is supported
    ■ Sample bitrate is decided depending on the availability of PNS and ELG tags in stream (if PNS and/or ELG are present in the stream), sample bitrate is also decided taking into account if VBR/CBR flag in bitstream is set
    ■ Demuxing metadata and other metadata 05e1106874 carljaim

  20. chadel

    MailSweep has features that make it the most practical way to read, organize, and delete mail:
    – Browse up to 500 accounts on the server and any mailboxes on the server.
    – Combine multiple filters into a complex filter.
    – Support any mailbox with multiple folders (including a mailbox with subfolders).
    – Sort messages in ascending or descending order, or keep order of letters.
    – Delete, rename, add, or move messages.
    – View headers, 8cee70152a chadel

  21. pieroe

    Exclusive: 3 Tunes For The Weekend!

    02 December 2008

    It has been busy over here on All Consuming, with the new US$225 million bus stop in London and the proposed Ave Train programme in Paris at the forefront of the news.

    We’ve been distracted, however, by international news as far away as Mongolia, where a bitter row over a new US$500-million road project is threatening not just to delay plans to electrify the
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  22. burjac

    The Reviewers mentioned:

    Nice dev, but, you can’t mention any security tools in here, it’s not review related.


    Apart from the obvious “for a bit” factor.
    First reason I would use it for is for a LIVE site where you might not want a threat scumming your site, flagging all your recordings as suspicious and maybe then having some honeypot alert too.
    Next, if you are getting too many false
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  23. chayhart

    With these characteristics, you can be sure to get pretty good results after using this software.


    AI-ZSH – Achieving Interactive Expansion with Command Line Prompts in ZSH

    Some guys at ZSHNow are working on that also so maybe you will have this in a bit.

    I have been using Bash for some time now so this seems like an odd proposition to me. However, ZSH [1] was my first Distro of
    66cf4387b8 chayhart

  24. margedw

    It integrates seamlessly into the Windows Operating System and runs in the system tray. You won’t need to dig in any additional components to configure it.
    After a few days of testing, we can confirm that xCAT – Anti-Shutdown is an easy to use utility that helps to prevent accidental shutdowns while working. As far as we can see, it provides a low overhead that doesn’t cause any performance issues. Everyone out there should look into it with this plus-point in mind.
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  25. verbgeer

    Having a risk aversion attitude may land you in a lot of trouble with your bank.
    That’s right, most banks these days are being cautious when they lower their interest rate for lending.
    Whether you are a student or a retiree, it is a major plus if you have a personal loan as interest is automatically deducted from your account. So, it is important that you have a proper plan in terms of repaying the loan.
    Nowadays, there are many banks
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  26. priarm

    It is necessary, after installing the program, to specify the main interface: where and when you want to save new document. The program will save the file automatically after you adjust the parameters of the project file, which you have created with the help of this tool.
    After the installation, the program will appear in the program list along with CD multimedia data folders.
    You can use all specific operations at once or in different steps. Discollate will adjust automatically the height of records based on
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  27. revewan

    Partition management:
    Your hard drive is invaluable for containing all the precious data you work on each day. However, if it’s time to move on to a new computer, or if a catastrophe strikes the old one, you need to make sure that your data remains safe on your hard drive.

    Partition Manager is a small program that you can download and install to help you handle the partitioning of your hard drive. This program lets you create, edit and manage
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  28. amrwes

    This port has 6.3 MB of installation size and 11.7 MB of required disk space after installation.


    Nobody likes being the only one without a smile on their face. However, finding new software can be an irritating process. And even if we do find something worth checking, it can be difficult to make it run. Before we go any further, let’s examine the situation on a few levels.

    Program inception

    Software vendors often spend years testing their
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  29. enniilea

    Trunc is ideal for those looking for an approximation of a precise size.SALEM, Mass. (AP) – Massachusetts has allowed the first distribution of the first of the state’s $8.5 billion overdue tax returns. But enforcement of the new law will be a challenge as returns include up to $2,000 in interest and penalties.

    The refunds, signed and sealed Oct. 8, will be mailed to taxpayers later this month.

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  30. revwen

    If you convert to ASCII STL, do not forget to specify the number of faces (-f) and triangles (-t). In general, VRML to OBJ is successful with no mixup of the mesh as a whole (+ph=1, +ph=0) and the polygons count and mesh are correct (-ph).
    In addition, to print VRML hierarchy type and info, a functional OBJ hierarchy, or ASCII without OBJ hierarchy, or a normal ASCII STL file, the!/?p=1391
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  31. yeleuala

    The main model describes the processes that take place within a living organism. This model is based on the Mayr and Steinmetz model of an organism. The method, adapted from those found in the MACH OS OVERSIMULATOR, allows you to simulate one cell in principle.

    The following models are displayed to you.

    The VISUAL MODEL simulates an organism and all of its organs. The model consists of mathematical models of organs and cireducences
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  32. balinayr

    The connection with GitHub is being managed automatically by writing code to the Settings section of the app.
    About the app’s core
    The basic feature about MDyna which make it unique are the following:
    Being able to write your notes and organize them in boards using full, syntax-highlighted Markdown;
    Being able to use gists as the main place to store your notes;
    Being able to sync notes and snippets from gists on GitHub with the app’s own notes
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  33. bryaredm

    Timing issues, Child has an issue, Child is happy, Child is sad, Child lives with you, Child don’t live with you, Child lives with parent. ( who a free addon if needed, this addon, it’s available with these options to set constraints like actually all sessions or some of them on specific time, or some of them on certain day or week day, then there is a duration limits option to reset Session, they keep these defined days for certain day or week schedule or
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  34. gaynmari

    The application is easy to use, which it should be anyway, since it’s just for online use after all, but it might not go beyond a barebone amount of ability and options.

    Old software can run on the supported software.
    From $25.00 to $2,000.00, the price of PhotoMechanic license plan varies greatly.
    The 2-year subscription of PhotoMechanic license is designed for professional users. Save your time and license from the
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  35. makben

    Pure Text for Ubuntu is now available for all Linux using Wine Windows application and will work on Windows XP and Windows 7.


    Pure Text for Linux is a Windows desktop application for Ubuntu and Linux, consisting of a 32/64-bit Wine Windows application and pure TastTray. Pure Text for Linux will change how you use the Ubuntu desktop, it will make Linux text exploration like Windows. This free, open source software, available as a Wine Windows application can be
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  36. alaibene

    If you don’t like the look of the icon, you can change it, but a very confusing interface keep most people from doing such a thing. A DISTURBING DISPLAY OF FRAW INSIGNIFICANCE

    Okay, so I’m a computer technician, and I’ve seen it all, but I had never seen something as easy to use, yet as confusing as this show. Having to use a control to resize the icon, yet having to chose the size option
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  37. kalmari

    The length of your last sob story determines how sympathetic a judge will be.

    But your mood from the last few days will forever determine how well you get a job offer.

    Discounting sexual harassment, discusstion of unfair dismissal, being posted abroad, at least two unmerited tackles to the ribs and someone trying to pull your shirt over your head will all make you ugly before a judge – if the cruelty is obvious enough.

    Speculation is based
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  38. قیمت و خرید اینترنتی انگشتر توپاز
    در این صفحه انواع انگشتر توپاز مردانه و زنانه اصل در رنگ های مختلف آبی، سبز، طلایی، هفت رنگ و … برای مشاهده لیست
    قیمت و خرید انگشتر توپاز لندن و سوییس و …
    به بالای صفحه مراجعه نمایید.
    در ادامه نحوه تشخیص اصالت و خواص این سنگ زیبا را بیان خواهیم کرد.

    مشخصات انواع انگشتر توپاز اصل
    سنگ یا نگین انگشتر توپاز اصل و معدنی، کانی شفاف تا نیمه شفاف بوده و جلای شیشه‌ای دارد.
    از این کانی به رنگهای زرد، صورتی، زرد روشن مایل به آبی، سبز و بی‌ رنگ وجود دارد.
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    سنگ‌های آذرین سیلیسی بیرون
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  39. zyremil

    Effect of oral drugs on enteroendocrine cells (EEC) has not been clearly established nor are there any well-developed pharmacological tools to assess the risk. Using the strategy of the DTP, we have modeled the system-in-a-jar, which consists of using ajar, a receptor-mediated transport system (RMT) system in order to test for drugs at the EEC. Our work to date suggests that EEC play a major role in the transport of
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    Let your clients choose any background color and logo.
    “Alluring Islands Screen Saver” is not just a screensaver. It puts tropical islands, water, and beach images on your desktop.
    Enjoy the relaxing, serene sights and sounds of the beautiful tropical islands.
    “Alluring Islands Screen Saver” is a fully operational screensaver that automatically changes to each new image. No extra registry entries or third-party application required.
    “Alluring Islands Screen Saver” is
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    Light PDF Printer is a computer program offered to users at freeware which is included for converting all printable files to PDF. Light PDF Printer allows you to convert your documents to PDF without having to open Microsoft Office. It saves you numerous steps. So, you can convert every printable file to PDF easily.

    Even though Light PDF Printer is a free tool to convert different types of files into PDF, it does come packed with limitations. The program can only convert documents
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  42. whattala

    It’s up to you to decide on whether you think that it’s worth the effort to install it though.

    Creating a device-specific app icon for Android can be time consuming. Google Play Services and similar APIs are a bit more flexible though, so they just offer a general icon to send with your application package, while providing a set of standard ‘drawables’ for your apps to use. This allows you to save on development time, hassle, and resources, because you will
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  43. dahjaim


    Monitor multiple PC wirelessly

    Keep tabs on what your kids, co-workers, and faraway relatives are doing
    on the Internet, even when they’re not using the computer. Keep track of what they’re getting up to on screen, in real time, anywhere you are.

    Control your computer’s media playback

    Monitor what they’re playing
    on your speakers and TV with live streaming audio and TV viewing
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  44. fravau

    The “live preview” feature allows you to instantly test the layouts of your pages as you work.
    Mediator is a powerful multimedia authoring tool for all types of home and school projects including CD-ROMs, websites, Flash presentations, interactive books, print publications and more.
    With Mediator, you can design CD covers, create interactive websites, publish to the web, create Flash presentations and more, all at a fraction of the cost of any other authoring package.
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  45. yeleocea

    The splash page of the chat service teaches the users how to configure their accounts, keep an eye on new messages and manage the notifications settings.

    The software is available for Windows and Mac, but without any charge.

    SoraUsagi is based on the Ruby on Rails framework.
    The service was started two years ago but is currently in closed beta.
    The product is already hosted and maintained by another site on rubyforge.

    For most people, having a computer
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